Main track

The main race track: 4857 m;

Boxes of the main track with the office premises:

  • (2 floors): 33 boxes, total area of 3,007 m;
  • VIP boxes: 9 pcs. total area of 648 m;
  • VIP balcony: 18 pcs. total area of 1820 m;
  • Buildings of race control with the presidential balcony with total area of 2,040 m;
  • Medical Center building: the total area of 419 m;
  • Buildings for storage and maintenance of carting vehicles with lookout: total area of 1600m, Height 7m
  • Central Tribune for 5302 people with 40 commentary booths, bars and cafes;
  • Additional Tribune for 86,900 seats, expandable to 142,000 seats;
  • Commercial Center for sale of automotive equipment, spare parts, equipment and tuning for cars and motorcycles: total area of 4100 m; 


  • automotive - length 73.5 m,
  • walking - 60m;

Combination of the fast turns and straight lines associated with the ups and downs in a vertical position, allows speed limits over 300 km. per hour. Track plan will allow viewers to see the entire race and enjoy the exciting events throughout the competition. Track “Crimea Grand Prix” meets all requirements of FIM, presented to MotoGP, as well as racing Formula 3; sports cars, GT (Grand Tourism). The track is constructed with such protective devices, such as steel guardrails and access roads on both sides of the track, as well as the gathering area, performed by a combination of gravel and asphalt.

The various combination of track between its single segments, so-called short-cuts (shortest path), will conduct the racing activities in several small areas, and use the track in different variations. Track “Crimea Grand Prix” with short-cuts can be divided into two independent variants of track, or three different types of the road. Short-cut 2 enable to add a hook to the main GP track, thereby increasing the track for another 100 meters.

Zone of the paddock is located behind the pit-building. During the national and international racing events the trucks will use this zone to unload their equipment.


Additional tribunes with 86,900 seats, expandable to 142,000 seats:

VIP boxes: 9 pcs., total area 648 m2:

Buildings of the race control with president’s balcony, total area 2040 m2:

The building of kart’s storage and service with a viewing platform: the total area 1600 m2:

Medical Center: total area  419 m2:

VIP balcony: 18 pcs.,total area 1820 m2:

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